Soy Milk?

Photo Credit: Vanillaechoes| Dreamestime

Photo Credit: Vanillaechoes| Dreamestime

I developed an intolerance for cow milk as an adult, I just noticed consuming cow milk started bothering me recently. I have consumed cow milk my entire life before now, even though I could not explain why, I knew I had to look for alternatives. Soy milk is reported to be low in cholesterol, and is a good source of  vitamin D, B12, riboflavin, calcium.  An association has also been reported between soy milk consumption and reduced risk of prostrate cancer (Nagata et al.,2001). If you are looking for an alternative to cow milk for healthier options or any other reasons. You may want to consider soy milk.  Other none dairy options include: Almond milk and coconut  milk.  You can read more by checking the resources below. Helpful links: Nagata et al., 2001: Effects of  soy milk consumption on serum estrogen and androgen concentration in Japanese men. Hamilton Reeves., 2007:  Isoflavone-rich soy protein isolate suppresses androgen receptor expression without altering estrogen receptor-beta expression or serum hormonal profiles in men at high risk of prostate cancer.


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